Meet The ‘A’ Team

Collaboration Fuels Our Success

We are architects, designers and strategists.
We are citizens, parents, teachers and learners.
We are collaborators who help each other do our best work.
We are unique individuals who believe in creating a positive lasting impact for others.

“I like the thoughtful way Aedis approaches the process and tries to understand what we are trying to do. They go beyond what we say we want since sometimes we really do not know. It’s also their willingness to give us options and keep thinking about an issue if we are not quite comfortable with the proposed solution. I appreciate the amount of great thinking they bring to the process. They are great to work with and just nice people who genuinely care about trying to do the best they can for our district. We have a great relationship.”

Kim McNeely, Director of Facilities
Dublin Unified School District


We build long-term partnerships with you as individuals, institutions and communities. We immerse ourselves in your world to understand your needs and priorities. From this insight, we collaborate to create solutions that serve you well for this and future generations.

Our work breaks new ground, each project better than the last. We find satisfaction through challenging ourselves to create greater value for our clients and community.

We are committed to deliver the goals and support the mission of our clients while bringing about a positive lasting community impact.

“Working at Aedis means you are part of a team. People care about you, they want you to succeed and are willing to help you in any way they can. It’s warm and inclusive and welcoming, from day one! I really appreciate our casual ‘let’s grab lunch at the SoFAMarket’ outings, especially since that’s a weekly employee perk we all enjoy.”

Zsanett Napoli
Joined Aedis in Jan 2020