• Matt Puckett
  • Project Manager
  • Bachelor in Architecture, California College of the Arts

Why Aedis?
At Aedis, we are committed to being trailblazers when it comes to integrating technology and design. We have a strong foundation in BIM (Building Information Modeling), using Revit and other software and we are continually looking to improve our design process through innovation and technology.

Outside the office…
My favorite thing to do is to spend quality time with my wife and daughter. When they are out of town, I love to watch sports, especially the Warriors, as well as action movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mel Gibson. One of my most unique experiences was working with 8th graders on a national design competition at Quimby Oak Middle School. For this competition, the students’ objective was to design “the school of the future,” in a project-based learning environment. It was rewarding to see the students get excited about design and have the opportunity to form their ideas into a cohesive project.