Through teamwork, we achieve optimal results. We collaborate with our clients, colleagues, industry partners, user groups and stakeholders by challenging each other to expect more of ourselves and supporting each other to create amazing projects.

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“It has been a real pleasure working with Aedis! Escuela Popular serves a unique but ever-growing student population with specific needs and requirements. The Aedis team from the beginning embraced our needs, listened to our concerns and with care and attention used their expertise to meet our programtic needs and vision. I’m most impressed by how they have respectfully integrated themselves to our team and have been passionate advocates for our project.”

Patricia Reguerin, Executive Director
Escuela Popular



We build long-term partnerships with you as individuals, institutions, and communities. We immerse ourselves in your world to understand your needs and priorities. From this insight, we collaborate to create solutions that serve you well for this and future generations. Study our DNA.

“Working at Aedis means you are part of a team. People care about you, they want you to succeed and are willing to help you in any way they can. It’s warm and inclusive and welcoming, from day one!”

Zsanett Napoli
Joined Aedis in Jan 2020

Meet the ‘A’ Team

Architects, designers, parents, collaborators, and much more.
We all believe in creating a positive lasting impact for others. Meet the ‘A’ Team.

“What has impressed me the most about this firm is their willingness to understand our school’s mission and vision and to consider our unique educational needs.”

Paige Cisewski, Principal
Charter School of Morgan Hill



For nearly seven decades, Aedis has developed our deep expertise in K-12 and Higher Education design by bringing people together – educators, students, parents, and neighbors – to create some of the most innovative educational facilities in the Bay Area. Review the fruits of our collaborative work.

“What Aedis Architects represented/offered is in fact what they deliver! Most notably, they respect my budget and schedule throughout the project design. Their entire team is driven by creativity in design and educational planning–but are able to channel and execute that creativity without breaking the bank.”

Alvaro Meza
Assistant Superintendent, Business Services/Chief Business Official, Gilroy Unified School District