• Kris G. Shien
  • Construction Administration Manager
  • Bachelor of Architecture, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Why Aedis?
I have always considered architecture to be a combination of Art and Engineering. When I started university, I was an engineering major. After a few months, I found the subject a bit too dry. Instead of doing my physics and calculus, I’d stay up and pull all-nighters with my architecture major friends, helping out with their projects. I decided to make the switch and never looked back. When I joined Aedis, I had been working with K-12 schools on design, modernization, and construction for a number of years. Aedis was a natural fit. I’ve really love the reaction of the teachers and students when they get something new, whether they are small additions, such as carpet and paint, or something major, like a brand new classroom or multi-use building. The joy on their faces is unmeasurable.

Outside the office…
Art captured my attention at an early age from the world of Manga. Growing up, I created a few Manga characters and storylines. I am also a music lover. I not only love attending performances, I have, on occasion, participated in theater music and operatic recitals.