• John Diffenderfer
  • President/Principal
  • Bachelor of Architecture, University of Arizona

The environment in which we exist changes from time to time—economically, physically, socially—and I am proud to know that we are nimble enough to persevere. If I had a hand in that, then that’s great. I just want to know that it will continue on, long after I’ve gone.

Most Memorable Projects
Henry Mello Center-working with my first IOR; Carolyn Clark Elementary School-a taste of design freedom; LeyVa Middle School Administration Building-turning the process inside out with Net Zero Energy/Emissions; Campbell SD-working for a client with a shared vision in 60% reduction in energy consumption.

Outside the office…
I am first a foremost a dad. My children demand a lot of my bandwidth outside the office. For myself, I try to keep up with friends and family, socially. I try to stay fit and travel a little. I love to experiment in the kitchen, and my secret hobby is assembling plastic airplane models.

Currently I am a co-chair with the US Green Building Council Northern Calif. Chapter Green Schools Committee. I am active in my church, with a focus on supporting the men’s and children’s ministries. I am also working pro-bono supporting the efforts to expand the design field internship programs at two local community colleges.

“I fell in love with the notion of working for the good of others, children in particular. I don’t mind pouring my heart into a project when I know that it will change the world for the better, even in a small way.”

“We are diverse in our backgrounds, but unified in our singular mission to do good work for good people. Architecture is not just about ‘us,’ it’s for everyone.”