• Michelle Netzley
  • Principal
  • B Architecture, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

‘I hope I am seen as a team player. I was raised to put great importance on relationships and value every one of them. It is important to me to bring people together, to collaborate, and work together toward a common goal. In this field, everyone’s independent success and the success of a project overall are completely hinged on team work.’

Most Memorable Projects
‘It’s hard to describe the feeling of seeing something that you envisioned, sketched on paper and diligently planned, come to life before your eyes. It’s exciting to see projects finish and watch people move into the spaces and make them their own.’

The Personal Side
‘I’d say I’m an adventurer, with a bit of artist thrown in (maybe even nerdy artist). More than a thrill for adventure I’d say I actually have the need to explore. I love to experience new things, new places. I’ve always loved maps (real paper maps with all the creases) and I could sit on the floor for hours studying the world or planning an adventure. I love to travel, go camping, work in my garden, and be out on the water sailing. I have traveled extensively including spending a year living in Denmark. But the honest truth is, if I ever decided to chuck it all (after traveling around the world for at least a year) I would pick up my paint brushes, welder, saws and sand paper and open an art studio.’

‘When I was younger I was a Campfire Girl and it engrained in me the importance of helping others and giving back. Locally, I have participated in Rebuilding Together and hope to expand my service to my community.’

‘I decided I was going to be an architect in 4th grade. My teacher gave us each one sheet of graph paper and assigned us to design our dream bedroom. When I came in the next day with a detailed plan including a bowling alley and ice cream stand, neatly drawn across multiple boards, she suggested I may have found my profession. By the time I left elementary school I had a whole plan in place, which included attending Cal Poly and becoming an architect.’