• Hamdam Mozaffar
  • Designer
  • Masters of Sustainable Architecture, Tehran University, Iran

Why Aedis?
As a designer, I always aim to make a positive impact on future generations. I have never found myself closer to my goal until the moment I joined Aedis.  Being a part of the team that designs sustainable learning environments that inspire users to be productive, creative, and innovative was exactly where I wanted to be.  I also love the collaborative, supportive, and fun culture I am surrounded by.

Outside the office…
Outside the office, you can either find me trying new restaurants or in the gym. On weekends I enjoy being in nature, photography and sketching the beauty of this world.  I find peace when I look at the endless ocean or incredibly tall mountains and ultimately, being in nature is my meditation. I also enjoy going to live music events as I feel both music and architecture are ways a society expresses thoughts globally and adds color to the white sheet of life.