• Annalee Marschel
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Bachelor of Architecture, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Why Aedis? 
I have had experience in other architectural fields in the past and I can definitely say that educational architecture has been the most rewarding. Starting my career, I knew I wanted to do something that made an impact, and what is more important than making a difference in the lives and learning environments of future generations? The potential to take part in designing an environment that further motivates children to gain a passion for learning is probably the most inspiring aspect of this work for me.

Outside the office… 
I love being outside, whether it’s playing soccer, hiking with my dog, or reflecting through sketching and painting. I have also grown up in a family that has a passion for music, food, and exploring other cultures. Therefore, travel has always been a big part of my life and will probably never cease to intrigue me. I would love to travel through South America and Asia in the future since I have not yet had the chance. I think my next few destinations might be Chile, Brazil, Japan, and/or Thailand. In the past, I have been fairly involved in environmental clean-up projects, and have had some experience with community/homeless garden organizations.