LeyVa Middle School Modernization

Evergreen School District

Beginning as an ordinary project with a simple program and tight budget, the LeyVa Middle School Net Zero Administration Building is a testament to the importance of teamwork and communication in supporting innovative solutions. By asking the simple question of “How about Net-Zero?”, the Administration Building was transformed into California’s first Net-Zero Energy/Emissions (NZEE) public school building and later into a master plan that would tranform the entire campus.

Inspired by the successful completion of the new administration building as the first Net Zero Energy/Emissions public school building in California; one of the priorities of updating and implementing the Master Plan in 2011 was to continue to transform the unattractive LeyVa Middle School campus into a magnet. This was done by implementing a forward-thinking Bulldog Tech (A New Tech Network School) program and connecting students to the wider multi-generational and ethnically diverse community. The campus would no longer reflect the last 40 years, but shine a light toward the future by becoming a community asset.

Symbolizing the tradition of game-changing invention and thoughtful respect for local history, this all but forgotten campus continues to receive visitors yearning to take the lessons of transformation home with them. These visitors include: District and State-level leaders, design and teaching professionals, local news reporters and a wide variety of other Bay Area industries.


California’s first Net-Zero Energy/Emissions (NZEE) public school building

New double-size team-teaching classrooms (campus within a campus)

New Nutritional Services facility (Bulldog Cafe)

New centralized student quad and other multi-function outdoor amenities

Implementation of all new advanced communications/data systems and sub-metered power infrastructure

Development of Educational Specifications to support project-based learning

“Aedis provides an unmatchable level of service on our projects. The firm faithfully acts in our best interests by being highly communicative, proactive and responsive in each phase of the design and construction process.”

– Kathy Gomez, Superintendent of Evergreen School District


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