College Park Elementary School & Turnbull Children's Center

San Mateo-Foster City School District

Built in 1953, the modernization goals for the campus involved: increasing natural light in all spaces, providing the students and teachers with a sustainable, state-of-the-art learning environment, creating a visually prominent administration building, and providing outdoor learning spaces.

The new administration was placed and designed strategically to act as a gateway to the campus providing controlled access for increased security, while maintaining a sense of openness to the community. Large window systems were used for increased direct-line-of-sight to the outdoor play area, providing greater supervision, as well as a visual connection to the outdoor environment.

College Park’s 17 new classrooms are constructed from customized pre-engineered buildings.


Modernization of five existing buildings and construction of new administrative building and customized pre-engineered classroom buildings to replace outdated portable classrooms.

Sustainable elements include low-VOC materials, light lanterns for increased daylighting, cool roofs, energy efficient operable windows, occupancy sensors, and quiet HVAC systems.


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