TimberQuest at Sacred Heart

2 years in the making, 3 days to install. (WOW!)

Our very first TimberQuest project, in collaboration with XL and Daedalus, is coming together exactly as planned! (Yup, we’re excited.) This week, the walls and roof went up at Sacred Heart School in Atherton, like a beautifully synchronized dance. Over the next few weeks, the windows, doors, and finishes will begin going in. If you’re interested, we invite you to contact Afsha Ali for a private tour. Among so many other uses on #K-12 campuses, TimberQuest can offer a fast, earth-friendly, and beautiful #CLT solution for TK, the new grade level recently established California wide.

#LastingPositiveImpact #SchoolDesign #CLTDesign #BiophilicDesign