• Andy McClellan
  • Assistant Project Manager

I’ve been a designer at Aedis for almost 3 years now. I joined fresh out of college, and have enjoyed my time here learning about what the industry is really like. One of the main draws for me working with Aedis are the people and community the office creates as well as the community we create for students as they learn and grow. I also have a passion for sustainable design as well as problem solving, both of which I am able to apply on a daily basis. I love that Aedis strives to create best learning experiences and spaces for students.

Westmoor High School has been a big part of my career here at Aedis. I started working on this school project the first week I joined Aedis and have been working on it in some way, shape, or form for my whole time here. It’s been really exciting to see this project start as just an idea, and see where it has come to and what the end product will be.

I spend my down time running, cooking & baking, meeting up with friends, and going out to shows celebrating local artists and performers in the Bay Area.