San Benito High School

San Benito High School District

Aedis has been a key part of the transformation of this Hollister campus—from a small town high school to a major institution serving over 3,000 students. The process involved the modernization of several historical buildings, the expansion of the site of nearly 100 additional acres, and major expansion of classroom buildings and other facilities.

In 2007, with the lifting of the local sewer moratorium, the District commissioned Aedis to prepare a comprehensive master plan to accommodate anticipated enrollment growth. The school faced significant planning challenges, including a public street separating the older campus and the newer expansion, an active earthquake fault bisecting the site, and the great distance between buildings.

The master plan recommended the shifting of the campus core to the South of Nash Road to be more central to all facilities. Furthermore, the plan calls for the creation of three separate academies to create more intimacy and a greater sense of belonging in this otherwise very large school. It also reorganizes the campus more logically by relocating vocational shops and maintenance facilities to the fringe.


Historical building renovation

Current master plan transforms into a “schools-within-a-school” concept


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