Sacred Heart School - Kindergarten Buildings

Cross Laminated Timber Prefabricated Timberquest

Recognizing the need for faster, more cost-effective, high quality and environmentally friendly educational facilities, Aedis teamed up with XL Construction, a reputable Bay Area builder to pre-engineered products for a variety of classroom applications using Mass Timber. We researched the potential and constraints of Cross-laminated Timber (CLT), one of the most versatile Mass Timber material. Working closely with the builder’s team, our designers created an efficient way to use and assemble CLT panels to address educators’ needs for flexible, high-performing and biophilic learning environments connected to the outdoors. Through a relentless attention to detail, working working with this burgeoning construction material and in capitalizing on XL’s extensive experience with Mass Timber technology, Sacred Heart’s kindergarteners benefit from Timberquest’s fast and affordable beauty. We also worked with DSA and other jurisdictional authorities to acquire permit approval in 2022.


Faster, more cost-effective, high quality and environmentally friendly educational facility
Cross-laminated Timber (CLT), a versatile Mass Timber material with a low embodied carbon footprint
Partnership with XL Construction

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