K-12 Mass Timber Project – APPROVED!

It is with great excitement we share that our first K-12 Mass Timber project has been approved by DSA and will soon be under construction. Prospect High School, in Campbell Union High School District, will soon be transformed with the addition of two, single story buildings and approximately 1.5 acres of site work that will seamlessly connect with the existing campus and add approximately 20,000 SF of indoor and outdoor learning areas.

The importance of nature and biophilia for student health and wellness was a major focus for this project and the designs truly reflect that commitment. A strong indoor-outdoor connection was woven into the design, and Cross Laminated Timber, a natural, renewable, sustainable, and low carbon footprint material, was used for the roof structure. It creates a warm, pleasant and biophilic space that promotes an increase in student performance as well as boosts the energy level and overall well-being of the occupants. The classroom project is estimated to be completed and ready for the 2022-23 school year.

Project highlights include:

  • Spacious classrooms, Makerspaces and Science labs with large covered, outdoor collaboration spaces for extended learning
  • Exposed CLT roof deck with high ceilings
  • Large skylights to maximize daylight

TimberQuest at Sacred Heart

2 years in the making, 3 days to install. (WOW!)

Our very first TimberQuest project, in collaboration with XL and Daedalus, is coming together exactly as planned! (Yup, we’re excited.) This week, the walls and roof went up at Sacred Heart School in Atherton, like a beautifully synchronized dance. Over the next few weeks, the windows, doors, and finishes will begin going in. If you’re interested, we invite you to contact Afsha Ali for a private tour. Among so many other uses on #K-12 campuses, TimberQuest can offer a fast, earth-friendly, and beautiful #CLT solution for TK, the new grade level recently established California wide.

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Aedisians on the Timberquest Tour at Sacred Heart

Last Friday, Aedisians visited the #masstimber Timberquest project site at Sacred Heart School in Atherton, CA to see #XLConstruction’s progress. The building can’t help but evoke a reaction from those that experience its #positivelastingimpact.

#schooldesign #biophilia