Prospect High School Completion

The new classroom project on the Prospect High School campus in Saratoga is complete, and students will return in the Fall to experience a transformed campus, one that offers them an environment that has been planned to enhance academic performance and overall wellness.

The students will enjoy classroom learning suites that include the latest AV equipment, flexible furnishings, and a makerspace with a large roll-up door for adaptable indoor-outdoor functionality. The project also includes several next-generation science labs. The two single-story buildings embrace an expansive courtyard, made up of several informal outdoor learning environments, seamlessly connecting the addition to the existing campus, and acting as a celebratory link to the athletics complex, just beyond.

Early in the design process, the District recognized the importance of incorporating biophilic elements into the new addition. Research indicates that design with a connection to nature in mind will support cognitive performance and physiological and emotional wellness. This led Aedis Architects to expose the #CrossLaminatedTimber (#CLT) roof panels and to include large windows that let in an abundance of daylight, and views to the outdoor courtyard full of trees, boulders, and grassy knolls—rich in natural materials, colors, and textures. Many concepts that are proven to enhance the high school student experience have been introduced in this project, and the outcomes will inform the development of ongoing and future work on Campbell Union High School District campuses.

We were honored to partner with Campbell Union High School District as we leave a #PositiveLastingImpact on Prospect High School.

Forest Hill Elementary School Update

Phase One of Campbell Union School District’s Forest Hill Elementary School Modernization is complete, just in time for the start of the school year. The families, students, and staff were greeted with a reimagined 5000+ sf Administration Building. The school Office is more functional and larger to comfortably house the health office, counselors, administrators and their staff. Our #PositiveLastingImpact on Forest Hill also includes new underground site utilities campus-wide, which not only brings the school’s support functions up to current standards, but also prepares the site for the planned addition of a new Multi-Use Building and Kindergarten playground of Phase Two.
We are grateful for the trust #CUSD placed in the Aedis team— Michelle, Sri, Sanjana, and Kris—giving us the opportunity to do some great work!

Stratford School TimberQuest Classroom Building

This Fall, Stratford School Pleasanton Middle School students returned to a transformed campus. The school doubled in size with a brand-new courtyard and TimberQuest classroom building. The students and staff will benefit from TimberQuest’s innate biophilic elements, designed to enhance academic achievement and overall occupant welfare. Impressively, the entire project was completed over the summer, with no disruption to Stratford’s academic school year program. #AedisArchitect’s partnership with Spring Education Group, XL Construction and Daedalus Engineers has once again allowed us to leave a #PositiveLastingImpact on this growing school community! Cheers to a wonderful 2023-2024 school year!