South Valley Middle School Project Update

The Construction of the new South Valley Middle School campus continues as planned. Key features of the project are a new academic zone, a Campus Commons building and a new gymnasium. The central feature of the campus is a park-like quad featuring a tiger paw rendered in turf and trees. Aedis Architects and Flint Builders, Inc. are working seamlessly together to give Gilroy Unified School District a great project, on time, and on budget.

Today, the classroom wings are nearing completion, while the Campus Commons building–including administrative functions, a larger multi-purpose assembly room, nutrition services, and a library/media center—breaks ground next week. The gymnasium will begin soon, and the community will enjoy a completed project in time for the start of school in Fall 2023.

Much like its predecessor project, Brownell Middle School, South Valley Middle was planned to support Gilroy Unified’s whole-child curriculum and to reflect a strong connection to its community. What you see is the culmination of a collaborative process with the SVMS community, Gilroy Unified School District’s administration, and the School Board. We are proud to share the successes of this Project with them all!

Prospect High School Classroom Building Project Update

The Aedis team took a tour of the Prospect High School Classroom Building Project in Saratoga to get a firsthand peek at the progress being made. The campus is undergoing big changes, including Aedis’ nearly 19,000 square foot new classroom addition, with a makerspace, and science labs. With it comes a new outdoor student courtyard space–full of shade–for casual gatherings and group study work. The project is scheduled for completion this Fall.
The project is especially exciting because it uses #CrossLaminatedTimber (#CLT)–a biophilic, environmentally sustainable building material. CLT was incorporated into the roof construction, allowing for high ceilings and natural exposed wood finishes. Additionally, large windows, skylights, roll-up garage doors, and visually interconnected classrooms will allow natural lighting to fill the classrooms. These design features create a biophilic environment, which has been proven to promote positive psychological and health benefits and a cognitive performance boost for student and faculty occupants.
Working with Campbell Union High School District on this project has been a delight. They have been a supportive, encouraging, and involved client who put the needs and welfare of the students and teachers as the top priority, ensuring that the outcome will indeed exceed everyone’s expectations. It’s an honor to leave such a #PositiveLastingImpact at Prospect High School!

 Aedis Family Fun Day at California’s Great America

We celebrated summer, friendships, and, most importantly, #AmazingCoworkers with roller coasters, park food, and good ol’ belly laughs at Great America! We appreciate each and every one of our Aediseans!

Schafer Park Elementary School and Burbank Elementary School Exterior Paint

Today, we celebrate the dedication of the Hayward Unified School District in its work to maintain and preserve its valuable buildings and grounds—the all-important environments where its community’s children learn. Just in time for “Back to School,” Schafer Park Elementary School and Burbank Elementary School received new exterior paint. The new paint reinforces each school community’s pride and school spirit while its refreshed appearance demonstrates to its children, teachers, and staff that they are loved and valued. A simple paint job both supports the long-term lifecycle preservation of a school facility–which is itself a huge investment in the public trust–and delivers an additional immeasurable return on investment that lives in the hearts of the people who spend the most time in the environment–improving performance, feelings of belonging and overall happiness.#PositiveLastingImpact