Andrew P. Hill High School Student Union Renovation and Expansion

The #StudentUnion #Renovation and #Expansion Project at Andrew P. Hill High School is well on its way to completion and will include a new learning center, servery, and re-envisioned gathering spaces, with easy access to student resources; expanding the building to nearly double in size. Once the old cafeteria‚Äôs transformation is complete, the modern space will feel, as ESUHSD Senior Bond Manager Julio Lucas describes, “more collegiate – and create novel qualitative combinations of sensation and feeling. Each programmed space is a separate melodic line in constant interplay with one another and are equally, and essentially, creative and practical.” This #DesignBuildProject has been rewarding and successful, thanks to our amazing partners, XL Construction and the East Side Union High School District. We are honored to be leaving a #PositiveLastingImpact on the AHHS community!