San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin

The San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin has partnered with Aedis to modernize their annex facility, The Lotus Center. Founded in San Jose’s Japantown in 1912, the SJBCB has celebrated truth, mindfulness, and generosity for over a hundred years, and for decades the building across the street from the iconic traditionally-styled temple has been a community asset, offering childcare services and classroom/gathering spaces. Having outgrown the space, Aedis worked with the SJBCB community to design a new, 2-story, Lotus Center campus using #CrossLaminatedTimber.

The new facility will be larger, more versatile, and provide meeting and gathering spaces for an array of community organizations. Most notably, the preschool and childcare areas are getting enlarged and will be enclosed, safe, and infused with the biophilic benefits that CLT offers. The much-needed play structure, courtyard, and functional drop-off/pick-up areas will bring added value and enjoyment, leaving a #PositiveLastingImpact, for years to come.

“This new facility will bring us into the 21st century with all its modern capabilities, while at the same time provide a more traditional “Japanese” flavor in its architectural design to more closely match our beautiful temple directly across the street.” – Steve Onishi, President, San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin