Prospect High School Classroom Building Project Update

The Aedis team took a tour of the Prospect High School Classroom Building Project in Saratoga to get a firsthand peek at the progress being made. The campus is undergoing big changes, including Aedis’ nearly 19,000 square foot new classroom addition, with a makerspace, and science labs. With it comes a new outdoor student courtyard space–full of shade–for casual gatherings and group study work. The project is scheduled for completion this Fall.
The project is especially exciting because it uses #CrossLaminatedTimber (#CLT)–a biophilic, environmentally sustainable building material. CLT was incorporated into the roof construction, allowing for high ceilings and natural exposed wood finishes. Additionally, large windows, skylights, roll-up garage doors, and visually interconnected classrooms will allow natural lighting to fill the classrooms. These design features create a biophilic environment, which has been proven to promote positive psychological and health benefits and a cognitive performance boost for student and faculty occupants.
Working with Campbell Union High School District on this project has been a delight. They have been a supportive, encouraging, and involved client who put the needs and welfare of the students and teachers as the top priority, ensuring that the outcome will indeed exceed everyone’s expectations. It’s an honor to leave such a #PositiveLastingImpact at Prospect High School!