Hollister Career Technical Education Building

San Benito High School District

The community voiced their desire for a new state-of-the-art facility that trains students in automotive technology, farm machinery, metal work, wood work, and agricultural and animal sciences- skills that form the backbone of the vibrant local culture. The design used a simple, pre-engineered structure with long spans to enclose large spaces to accommodate a variety of vocational instruction activities. Each shop was paired with an acoustically separate lecture space. The tall ceiling enables storage lofts, while clerestory windows along the center ridge flood the interior spaces with natural lighting. The low eaves and wide overhangs shield from harsh summer light and operable windows under the eaves bring in cooler air, while warm air rises toward the tall gable peak, with a pop-up ridge and exits via pressure-operated louvers. Insulated panels wrap around the building to provide a thermally unbroken envelope. Lecture spaces are air conditioned, while shops are naturally ventilated.


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