Fremont High School

Fremont Union High School District

Originally designed by W. H. Weeks, noted early 20th century Bay Area architect, Fremont High School has served as the District’s flagship campus since its beginning. Subsequent additions to the school deviated from the initial Spanish revival style and eliminated much of the open space on campus.

In addition to a complete restoration of the original historical structure, the project sought to make the campus more coherent and friendly to students. Two classroom wings were demolished to make way for a much needed student courtyard. A new library was added facing this courtyard, while a music building was built adjacent to the stadium. A new joint-use aquatic complex was located toward the front of the school for convenient access by both students and the public.


Historic renovation of 1925 Weeks building

New library

New joint-use aquatic center

New music building

Full campus modernization

“One of the prettiest high schools I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t even look like it’d be a high school…maybe more like a small college. They have tons of tulips growing along their walkways in the spring. Plus there’s a really nice swimming pool on campus.”

– Yelp review from staff at Fremont High School


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