Bishop Elementary School

Sunnyvale School District

Bishop Elementary School is the oldest campus in the Sunnyvale Elementary School District. Built soon after WWII, the campus’ inflexibility and age was no longer suited to changing educational planning needs, and the needs of a 21st century school.

Aedis worked with the District and the school’s design committee on several master planning concepts, settling on one that truly transformed the environment, and replaced all the academic spaces. The new design replaced the multi-use and media center and provided much needed on-site parking and drop-off. The result is a healthy, flexible, safe environment.

The entire project was completed while the school remained in session, and consisted of five phases of construction and interim housing. There were three contractors: a) demolition, b) modernization, new site built buildings, and sitework and foundations, and c) modular buildings (piggyback).


Oldest campus in the district

Healthy, flexible, safe environment



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