• Pascal Najem
  • Construction Administrator
  • B Architecture, University of Lebanon

‘I hope to retire still working at Aedis, but I still consider myself a tutor for all who need any tips or explanation on a construction point of view. There is a difference between copying a detail for a particular scenario and understanding the design, I consider myself being the bridge that connects both sides.’’

Most memorable projects
‘I would have to say the Central Kitchen at San Lorenzo because it got me the opportunity to join Aedis (yes, it was the job that got me in). Also, it was a very challenging project; so overcoming those hurdles helped me strengthen an already good working relationship with the District.’

The Personal Side
‘Hiking (with dogs), biking – just picked up jogging and enjoying it. But my biggest hobby is going to the movies – any type of movie.’

‘Team-in-Training to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.’

‘It seems difficult to believe, but professionalism nowadays seems to be a rare commodity. From my very first contact with the firm, as part of a construction company, to now as a part of the firm itself, I can see how Aedis’ principals keep the firm at a highly professional standard, but still have a sense of camaraderie. It’s a healthy balance of having the freedom to express our opinions, while granting each other the utmost respect of opinions.’