• Brittany Sicat
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • California Polytechnic State University, Bachelor of Architecture

In my short time at Aedis and in the profession, I’ve mostly worked on projects for the San Benito High School District. My learning experience has been shaped by modernization and HVAC replacement projects. Considered “small,” these very site-specific projects have proven to be good opportunities of learning fundamentals in all aspects of the building process. I feel very lucky to have been apart of most phases of a project, and this idea of exposure and education seems to be highly valued at Aedis.One project that my team is working on currently is a brand new Career Technology Education building at San Benito High School. It’s a nearly 40,000 SF building that will house vocational shops for students to learn and create (project completion: anticipated 2017). In the future, I believe that this project will be filed into my memories as work that I enjoyed and the first building I’ve seen grow from beginning to end.Things I enjoy: travel, reading, music, going to concerts, cooking, coffee, good food, games, watching bay area sports. I enjoy spending free time with loved ones, family.