• Afsha Ali
  • Senior Project Manager
  • B Architechture, Nagpur University, India

Architecture is my passion. I love solving problems and translating vision into reality. The best thing about being in this profession is to see your imagination coming to life.

With more than a decade of exploring education environments, I truly believe as an Architect we hold a great responsibility in shaping the future of our communities.

I never thought designing for schools will be so challenging and satisfying until I started working with Aedis. Investing in educational places is a perfect way to give back to your community. In Aedis we are committed to sustainability, which is another way to contribute to the environment. My past years, I have learned a lot from everyone at Aedis. Aedis being very supportive for professional growth and it also provides flexible work environment. I look forward for many more rewarding years ahead.

Dublin High school campus is one of my favorite projects. It is a complete transformation from an old campus with tilt-up construction to 21st century sustainable, healthy learning environments. The project was challenging as it had various construction phases while the rest of the campus was still occupied. I had an opportunity to work on Performing Arts center, Student union, Sports complex, and other classooms buildings.

Outside of architecture, I am Adventurer and Athlete. I love to travel, and explore different cultures. I am continously hunting for inspirations. I love reading books, and enjoy dancing. I enjoy baking and watching basketball.


‘Today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten.’