• June Yip
  • Principal
  • M Building Science, University of Southern California & BS Architecture and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

‘Aedis is a place where your strengths will not go unnoticed. There are mentors for staff at all levels, and one can always count on tapping into the experienced staff for their specialties.’

Most Memorable Projects
‘My first elementary school campus replacement project as the project architect was definitely a memorable and valuable experience. The project was very successful, but it was one mistake made during construction that taught me a lasting lesson.’ ‘I learned that not one question is innocent, and that solving the problem expeditiously with the cooperation of our consultants was essential in curtailing any major implications to the project. It was a tremendous learning experience in QC, teamwork, and the importance of communication in maintaining and strengthening a client relationship.’

The Personal Side
‘Running half marathons is my new escape.’

‘My inner ambition is to dabble in metalwork, that is if I ever have the time.’

‘Participated in Rebuilding Together, LEAP Sandcastle Contest… but most of the time I am highly involved in the PTA.’‘I enjoy travelling to different parts of the world with my family, seeing different places, learning different cultures, and yes, eating different types of food. Biking, kayaking, and skiing are also our favorite family activities.’

‘Participated in Rebuilding Together, LEAP Sandcastle Contest… but most of the time I am highly involved in the PTA.’

‘Growing up in Hong Kong, one of the most architecturally intriguing cities in the world, I had no idea what a career in architecture would mean. The Chinese translation of ‘architect’ means one who drafts. Growing up in a conservative Chinese family, I was told science and math were the important subjects in shaping my career path. However, art and music were important extracurricular activities, because those are distinctions that will get you into college, at least in Hong Kong at the time. ‘

‘As the search for individuality kicked in, the engineering of structures, the science that influences a living space, and how you do these artfully became an intriguing puzzle for me to solve.’