Fiesta Gardens International School

San Mateo-Foster City School District

Last modernized in 1993, the main goal for this magnet school’s modernization effort was to create a healthy and stimulating 21st-century learning environment that better expressed the school’s mission — developing the capacity and love for learning — while ensuring safety for its students and allowing for future increase in enrollment. We implemented this goal by upgrading all infrastructure systems and finishes in the existing buildings and reconfiguring the campus spaces to maximize capacity and functionality.

Major reconfiguration involved the relocation of existing spaces for large group instruction (LGI), administration, and library. As a result, the old LGI building was converted into a new library and two new buildings for the LGI and Administrative functions were created, giving the campus a new identity and sense of pride.

The two new buildings were placed at opposite ends of the campus acting as gateways and providing controlled access for increased security, while maintaining a sense of openness to the community.


Magnet school modernization using pre-engineered buildings

New LGI building opens up to outdoor amphitheater and lunch area


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