• Henrik Malinowski
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Civil Engineering, Architecture & Environmental Engineering, Architecture & Urban Planning , Lodz University of Technology, Poland

The mentoring of others is one of the most valuable legacies anyone can hope for. I’d like to pass on to others the lesson that diplomacy as a means of resolving project related conflict is essential in this industry. I believe every project has its own challenges. This is very rewarding in one’s professional carrier: you are constantly learning. I like to spend time with my kids and family. My hobbies change as my kids grow up. I always enjoy vegetable gardening and especially organic tomato growing. By contrast, we also do a lot of target practice shooting at the range (rifle, historic black powder fire arms, bow and arrow). I find these help develop my ability to focus. I own a Victorian house built in 1891: restoration of its finest details fills the rest of my available hobby time. My family participated when Aedis did the LEAP sandcastle contest with the firm as a fundraiser for the non-profit. LEAP focuses on bringing arts into the public schools through residency programs.