Quimby Oak School of the Future Class

By admin on December 9, 2015

Quimby Oak School of the Future Class
By: Margot Kenney, LEED Green Associate

Aedis Architects has partnered with teacher Colleen Boyle at Quimby Oak Middle School in San Jose’s Evergreen School District for the past few years to help mentor students in a Project Based Learning class called School of the Future. Each class is broken up into 3 groups of students who are charged with selecting a site anywhere in the world, and designing a “school of the future” there. This year, we elected to model the curriculum after the Living Building Challenge to educate the middle schoolers on the most stringent green building certification process in the world and foster in them a love of the environment. Aedis Assistant Project Manager Elise Koufos wrote the curriculum that we have followed this year.

Yesterday morning, we were joined by Marilyn Specht from the Integral Group. She skillfully tied the principals of the Living Building Challenge to the events currently happening in Paris at COP21, the outcomes of which aim to limit global warming to 2°C between now and 2100. Students were engaged, discussing ways to incorporate different Living Building Challenge petals such as water, energy, equity, health & happiness, beauty, and others into their designs.

We can’t wait to see the outcomes of the student’s projects! The sites range from redesigning Quimby Oak Middle School itself, to projects in McFarland, Alaska, and Niger. For me, there is nothing more exciting than seeing children not only connect with the issues, and really get them, but to hear the passion and excitement in their voices. The decisions that world leaders, and negotiators make this week in Paris decide our ability to heal and regenerate our planet. The kids at Quimby will be paying attention to the outcomes.

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