a e d i s (from the Latin): domicile, sanctuary – Aedis is a solid, high-touch service, a commitment to innovation and quality and a passion to transform communities through safe and healthy environments. This is our heritage and our future.

We are committed to providing effective and sustainable design solutions that respect the needs of our clients while making a positive impact on the larger community. Finding innovative ways to maximize value while minding budget is a passion that every Aedis staff member brings to our daily work. Teamwork is the key ingredient that guides us on the journey of discovery to produce exceptional projects.

Our DNA is formed by a collective diversity of experience: women and men who come from a wide range of cultural, linguistic, educational, and professional backgrounds. We relate with ease to our client organizations and communities as our diversity reflects their own values and personalities.



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Many architects promote sustainable practices, community building and good urban design. We are not mere advocates; we actually practice what we preach.

In 2011, we invested in a long-vacant historic landmark in downtown San Jose. After an arduous two-year process of design and construction, this beautiful 1925 neoclassical structure became our new home. Achieving LEED-CI Platinum-the highest LEED rating–it is among the greenest commercial buildings in San Jose. All of our employees enjoy the benefits of natural lighting and an outdoor view, while a displacement HVAC system uses very little energy to keep the space perfectly comfortable. Reclaimed lumber, materials with recycled or renewable resource content, and low-VOC products keep the indoor air quality fresh and healthy.

This project plays a key role in revitalizing the cultural and arts district, known as SoFA, by also providing a dynamic retail environment that emphasizes local, authentic, and organic vendors. The Aedis team gave itself the opportunity to experience a challenging and complex project through the lens of an owner, developer, and architect. We gained the understanding of the complex decision-making process any owner must face in balancing vision, budget, schedule, and user requirements. This process has been an invaluable experience for us.

This project is certified LEED-CI Platinum, the highest green rating for commercial interiors.

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