Get your sustainability solution into action! (Seminar)

By admin on June 18, 2016



AWET Sustainability in Action Workshop

Aedis Architects’ John Diffenderfer joins Anna Harrison of AWET (Agriculture, Water, Environment, and Technology) to show you how to get your green solution dreams into reality…or at least into a pilot process to show they’ll fly.

Returning from Greenbuild, ASHEE, an ILFI summit, etc., we find ourselves on yet another inspirational high after yet another inspirational talk about a yet another brand new LEED Platinum building/wastewater-recycling project/(fill in the blank with some other spectacular project). Then, we slowly descend back to earth with a bump, mulling over what we’ve learned. Soon we’re asking, “Could we ever do anything like that here?” The problem: most of these sustainability keynotes and break-out sessions inspire without empowering. We are poised for action and yet wonder how to begin. What do you do next?

We’ve designed the Sustainability in Action workshop to connect the knowing with the doing.

HEAR George Denise–the leader behind San Jose’s Adobe EBOM certification and others tell their stories–of how they, like you, had a vision of a sustainable future, and then implemented small pilot projects that eventually snowballed into BIG worldwide sustainable facilities change.
LEARN how to do this yourself.
PRACTICE by completing the sustainability pilot project template with help and support from a group of your peers.
LEAVE EMPOWERED with your own sustainability pilot action plan.
Join us Friday, June 26, 2015 at West Valley Community College, Saratoga, Calif., in the Baltic Room of the Student Center.

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