A Win-Win-Win: DSA’s 7x7x7 Design, Energy, Water Initiative

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The first ever Net Zero Energy public

school building in California

A Win-Win-Win: DSA’s 7x7x7 Design, Energy, Water Initiative
By: Margot Kenney

When I came on board, the first project pursuit  I became involved with  was the DSA’s 7x7x7: Case Studies in School Energy and Water Reduction. This is an exciting project to provide training through the development of seven conceptual case studies in school energy and water reduction on seven distinct school campuses. We were delighted to find out that we are one of the seven firms selected! We will be assisting school districts in increasing energy and water efficiency in California’s more than 10,000 existing K-12 public school campuses, and 112 community college facilities. This is a critical action by the DSA with California in the fourth year of an “exceptional drought“. This call to action recognizes a few things that our team believes firmly in:

  • That cost of construction is much less important than life-cycle cost savings.
  • Strategies for reducing energy and water consumption on campus can have a beautiful effect on the physical campus. Naturalizing campuses can improve both the educational environment, and revitalization for the larger community.
  • Opportunities to incorporate energy and water saving techniques into the design of the physical campus can provide awareness to those learning there. The next generation of environmental stewards should be fostered in our schools and community colleges!

For this unique and important activity, we assembled an all-star team of some of the most leading edge local sustainability experts. From our staff, John Diffenderfer andMariana Alvarez-Parga will manage the project. Both are passionate about sustainability and have worked on Net Zero Energy school projects. Integral Group will provide guidance in electrical engineering. They are widely known as being a deep green engineering thought leader, and have worked on many groundbreaking projects. BFS Landscape Architects excel at integrating aesthetic site design with functional stormwater management. They have a wealth of California school experience. Sherwood Design Engineers is a  leading civil and ecological engineering firm specializing in water conservation and management. They will guide the team in water stewardship strategies.

We look forward to partnering with the DSA to provide educational facilities decision makers with creative and realistic strategies to reduce their energy costs and water consumption while improving their facilities and campuses. We believe in the DSA’s call to make an investment in California’s future and can’t wait to get started!


DSA 7x7x7 Press Release

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