December 11, 2012

From SF Gate: Muji Keeps it Simple with new S.F. Store

The new store in the city’s SoMa district offers more than 2,000 items on nearly 8,000 square feet. Virtually every aspect of the brand’s products and retail design is decidedly Japanese: a store for modernists of every stripe where form and function are presented not as exceptions but as ultimatums.

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October 9, 2012

From MercuryNews.Com: Spectacular new buildings at Terra Nova improve facilities

Finally completed in June, Terra Nova High School expanded to include a new state-of-the-art theatre, science labs and math classroom building.The courtyard next to the buildings is so inviting with a new landscaped area and inviting benches, students have been congregating there at lunchtime and enjoying a spot that feels very much like a junior college, not a high school campus. Principal Dorene Basuino used it as a place to hold the first meetings for school clubs. A sand pit next to the courtyard is a placeholder for a new wood shop that will include classes in set design. The new theater is so technically complex, it can accommodate classes in all elements of stagecraft and theater management.

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September 14, 2012

AIA Tracings: September Issue

August 20, 2012

AIA Tracings: August Issue

May 16, 2012

Kitayama becomes first school to join green business program